Water's Extreme Journey

January 23 - May 8, 2016

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Journey through an interactive maze that engages visitors in an exciting quest to stay clean, while flowing through rivers, lakes, backyards, and into homes. Through play, scientific inquiry, and art, Water’s Extreme Journey empowers visitors to take action, commit to clean water, and express their support for clean water initiatives. After exploring the maze, delve into Flint’s water system history, learn the science of filtration, examine current issues and solutions, and investigate the Flint River today.

While investigating winding pathways, visitors are challenged to navigate through Non-Point Source Pollutants originating from agriculture, development, litter, and our homes. Will the farm they pass by be organic? Did their neighbor pour leftover paint down the drain? This fully interactive maze experience engages visitors through play, scientific inquiry, art and action, illuminating human impacts great and small while teaching how to contribute to healthy, safe water in their community and beyond.

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