The Energy Lab for 4th Grade

Longway Planetarium

This new workshop series provides content experiences that connect to one another, all aligned with new state standards. These workshops can be completed individually or in any combination. You can even choose to complete all four programs in one day. Programs are available as field trips, or as outreach programs at your school.

Catch A Wave!

Energy moves in waves! Students will use duct tape, skewers, and gummi bears to build wave models that demonstrate how energy is transferred. Kids will explore electromagnetic and mechanical waves, wave frequency, and amplitude while building a wave bottle.

MSS/NGSS: 4-PS4.A, 4-PS3.A, 4-PS3.B


Explore the properties of light energy while using mirrors and flashlights to change the path of light. Practice geometry skills while identifying points, line segments, angles, and rays in the light system kids design. See how light can be separated into the colors of the rainbow.

MSS/NGSS: 4-PS4.B, 4-PS3.A, 4-PS3.B

Eye Dissection

Students will explore the structure and function of an eye while learning how objects are seen when light reflects off the surface and enters the eye. Students will work in teams to dissect a sheep eye.

MSS/NGSS: 4-PS4.A, 4-LS1.A, 4-LS1.D

Earthquake Construction

Seismic waves move energy through the earth. Students will work in teams to engineer earthquake resistant towers. Kids will test their designs on the earthquake shake table to see if they can survive the quake.

MSS/NGSS: 4-PS3.A, 4-PS3.C, 4-ESS2B, 4-ESS3.B, 4-ETS1.B

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