Kindergarten Storybook STEM Field Trips

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Storybook STEM programs for early learners are designed with literacy, STEM, and educational intentionality in mind. Pre-K and Kindergarten students will be fully immersed in hands-on, literacy-based STEM activities connected to their storybook favorites.

  • Programs last 45 minutes to one hour.
  • $200 per class, $700 for four classes on the same day for schools in Genesee County.
  • For schools outside Genesee County, travel expenses will be charged in accordance with the current IRS standard mileage rate.
  • Minimum booking is two programs per day.
  • A minimum of one teacher from your school will be required to assist the museum educator in presenting the activities.

⭐ Take-Out Classroom Programs: Programs marked with a gold star are available as in-school programs. We will bring one of our variety of engaging learning experiences directly to your classroom!


⭐ If I Could Build The Alphabet

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: Denise Fleming’s Alphabet Under Construction

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Caution! Grab your hardhat and safety goggles because the alphabet is “under construction!” Students will pick a letter of the alphabet and choose their own materials to plan, design, and construct a letter as a creative literacy engineer.

Meets Standards: CCSS RL.K.10 and RF.K.1.D

⭐ Don't Crack The Egg

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: “Humpty Dumpty” Nursery Rhyme

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Whoops! Humpty Dumpty “sat on the wall” and “had a great fall.” Let’s turn back time to protect Humpty Dumpty from getting hurt. Students will use Styrofoam peanuts, straws, cardboard, and more to engineer a device to protect Humpty Dumpty (an egg) from cracking after his great fall.

Meets Standards: NGSS K-PS2-2; CCSS RL.K.10

⭐ Hog Houses

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: Paul Galdone’s The Three Little Pigs

Length: 45-60 Minutes

The Big Bad Wolf is back for more! Protect the three little pigs from their furry predator by helping them build strong, safe houses. Students will use open-ended materials to plan, design, and build a solid structure to keep the pigs safe from the Big Bad Wolf’s “huff and puff” antics.

Meets Standards: NGSS K-PS2-2 and K-ESS3-2; CCSS RL.K.10

⭐ From Crawling Caterpillar to Beautiful Butterfly

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Wait, caterpillars can’t consume cupcakes! Carle’s caterpillar becomes sick when he eats junk food in the story. So what do caterpillars eat? How do they change from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly? Students will explore these questions and learn about the life cycle of a butterfly in this hands-on experience.

Meets Standards: NGSS K-LS1-1 and CCSS- RL.K.10

⭐ Color Craze

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: David Shannon’s A Bad Case of Stripes

Length: 45-60 Minutes

Poor Camilla Cream… her skin has turned green. And red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple, too! Our skin cannot change colors like Camilla Cream’s, but we can create the colors of the rainbow ourselves. Students will explore and engage in a color-mixing chemistry activity to see if they can produce the colors of the rainbow.

Meets Standards: CCSS RL.K.10

⭐ Trip-Trap Bridge Building

Grade: Kindergarten

Literacy Connection: Paul Galdone’s The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Length: 45-60 Minutes

“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?!” the troll shouted angrily. Oh no! That grumpy old troll is at it again. Students will be engineers as they plan, design, and build a bridge to escape the clutches of the mean troll.

Meets Standards: NGSS K-ESS3-2 and CCSS RL.K.10

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For reservations, call 810-237-3409

Use the 2022-2023 Education Guide to plan your field trip or outreach program.
View the PDF.

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