SpacePark 360

8 p.m. Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Through September 15

SpacePark360 recreates the experience of amusement park thrill rides—roller coasters, pendulums, inverters, and more. From the rider's point of view, you will dip toward molten pools on Io, dodge flying particles in the rings of Uranus, and hold on tight through a loop-the-loop in the canyons of Mars. From the tops of Jupiter's clouds to the icy depths of Neptune's moon Triton, each location heightens the thrilling experience. Nine different "rides" are set to popular music in an immersive experience suitable for all ages.

Once a show has started, there will be no late seating. Please arrive before the show begins.

Visuals - 4k

Surround Sound - 5.1

Developer - Loch Ness Productions
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