Bridal or Baby Showers

Thank you for your interest in hosting your bridal or baby shower at Sloan Museum! The museum offers two different options; day time and evening showers.

Shower hosted during the day will be held in our 1950’s style, Halfway Café. Cost is $300 for day time showers and accommodates up to 50 people. Day time showers include entrance into the museum, private room rental, and a free shower cake as our gift to you for booking.

Evening showers will be hosted in the Collecting Flint from A to Z exhibit or the Halfway Café. Cost for evening showers are $500. Parties with more than 50 will be charged per guest. Evening showers include table linens, entrance to the museum, private room,  and a free shower cake as our gift to you.

A list of approved caterers will be supplied. Caters that are not on the list speak to the events coordinator before the event. Please be advised that renters are responsible for clearing the tables at the end of the party, removing all trash, and décor from the tabletops.

If you are interested in seeing the space? Contact to arrange an appointment.

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