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Let us bring hands-on learning to your classroom with our in-school programs. These activities have been optimized to deliver engaged learning experiences right in your school. No need to stick to just one grade or subject; we can bring a variety of programs directly to you!

  • Classes last one hour.
  • $175 per class, $600 for four programs on the same day for schools in Genesee County. For schools outside Genesee County, travel expenses will be charged in accordance with the current IRS standard mileage rate.
  • Serves individual classes of 35 students or less.
  • Minimum booking is two programs per day.
  • A minimum of one teacher from your school will be required to assist the museum educator with the activities.

Hands-On Science Programs

The following programs are available year-round:


Grades Pre-K & K
What’s the weather like? Design a weather report folder to use for observing and describing the weather. Students will see how weather affects our daily lives while drawing clothes on their weather bears.


Grade K
Students will build their own terrarium to take home while investigating living and non-living things.
NGSS: K-LS1-1, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-3, 1-LS1-1

Moon Phases

Grade 1
Make a glow in the dark moon phase book that will help kids explore the predictable pattern of the shapes of the moon we can see on Earth.
NGSS: 1-ESS1-1


Grades 1-3
What makes sound? Students will find out as they investigate vibrations, pitch and loudness with fun hands-on activities.
NGSS: 1-PS4-1, 1-PS4-4

Build Your Own Ecosystem

Grades 1-6
Investigate ecosystems and the water cycle, and learn what living things need to survive. Students will build an independent ecosystem to take home.
NGSS: 1-LS1-1, 2-LS2-1, 4-LS1-1, 5-LS1-1


Grades 2-3
Explore Earth! Students will use clay to sculpt mountains, valleys, plains, plateaus, and other major landforms. Investigate where on earth these landforms can be found and what forces help shape our world. Discover the many different landforms that are located in our very own state of Michigan!
GLCE: E.SE.02.21, 3-G1.0.1, 3-G1.0.2

Galactic Goo

Grades 2-6
Chemistry at its finest and most fun! Matter, molecules and polymers will be discussed in this hands-on activity. Each student will make and take home a bag of their own goo!
NGSS: 2-PS1-1

Marker Robots

Grades 2-6
Using markers, a battery, a motor and a hot glue stick, students will build a simple robot that draws. Will it draw a circle? Dotted lines? You won’t know until you turn it on and let it go! Students will explore electrical circuits and the forces necessary to make their robots move.
NGSS: 4-PS3-2

Amusement Park Science

Grades 3-5
Students will explore forces and motion while recreating some of their favorite amusement park rides. Find out why you don’t fall out when a ride goes upside down. Investigate contact and non-contact forces while designing a tabletop marble roller coaster.

Moon Phases & Eclipses

Grades 4-6
Students will make a glow-in-the-dark moon phase book and an eclipse project while exploring the motion of the Earth and Moon.

History & Social Studies Programs

The following programs are available year-round:

Time Travelers

Grades K-1
Discover how museums play an important role in keeping history alive and exciting for future generations. Students will travel back in time to explore historical objects and learn about people from the past through hands-on activities. Compare and contrast historical artifacts with the objects used in the present, and think about what people in the future may use for a similar purpose.
GLCE: K-H2.0.1, K-H2.0.4, 1-H2.0.5, 1-H2.0.6

It All Starts With Me

Grades K-1
Students will explore the past, present, and future from the perspective of their own lives. Join a museum educator for historical story time, identify the important details and people from the story, and compare life today with life in the past while creating a hands-on project to take home.
GLCE: K-H2.0.1, K.H2.0.2, K.H2.0.3, K.H2.0.4, 1-H2.0.1, 1-H2.0.3, 1-H2.0.4, 1-H2.0.5, 1-H2.0.6

If I Could Build A City

Grades 1-5
What is a community? It’s never too soon to learn how communities work. Join our educators as they focus on the importance of transportation, location, communication, and infrastructure to help “build a city” and make it successful. Each team will discuss, plan, and build a two dimensional model city.
GLCE: 1-G5.0.1, 1-E1.0.1, 2-G2.0.2, 2-G4.0.1, 2-G4.0.2, 2-G5.0.1, 2-G5.0.2, 2-E1.0.2

Trappers and Traders

Grades 2-5
Study the early interactions between the Anishinabek and the first European explorers in Michigan using primary and secondary sources. Learn how the People of the Three Fires and the French developed relationships with each other through the fur trade system in order to meet their wants and needs. Explore the incentives and opportunity costs involved with Michigan’s fur trade, and how it impacted life, culture, and the environment.
GLCE: 3-H3.0.1, 3-H3.0.2, 3-H3.0.5, 3.H3.0.6, 3-H3.0.7

Anishinabek: Michigan's First People

Grades 2-5
Explore how the people of the Three Fires Confederacy (Ojibway, Odawa, and Potawatomi) adapted to and used their environment and natural resources to meet their basic needs for survival. Investigate primary sources, visual evidence, artifacts, and replicas through hands-on activities in order to answer historical questions about daily life for the Anishinabek in the early history of Michigan.
GLCE: 3-H3.0.1, 3-H3.0.2, 3-H3.0.4, 3-H3.0.5, 3-G5.0.1, 3-G5.0.2, 3-G4.0.4

Michigan's Pioneers

Grades 2-5
Students will travel back in time to the opening of the Erie Canal and learn how it led to a significant population growth in Michigan. Go on a journey with a pioneer family who is migrating from New York to the wilderness of Michigan through hands-on activities. Discover how pioneers had to make difficult decisions, trek through the harsh landscape with few possessions, and adapt to and use natural resources and their environment to survive and create new lives in Michigan.
GLCE: 3-H3.0.1, 3-H3.0.2, 3-H3.0.3, 3-H3.0.7, 3-G5.0.1, 3-G5.0.2, 4-H3.0.2

History Detectives

Grades 3-5
Working in teams, uncover the history behind a trunkful of mysteriously abandoned artifacts from the past. Investigate each object using keen detective skills, historical thinking, visual evidence, and primary and secondary sources. Can you figure out what the mystery objects are, where they came from, when and how they were used, and who made or used them?
GLCE: 3-H3.0.1, 3-H3.0.2, 3-H3.0.7, 4-H3.0.4

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