Proof of Concept

June 17, 2016 - April 30, 2017

Experimental cars are exactly that; an experiment. From the start, these conceptual vehicles allowed automakers to flex their creative muscles. These projects freed designers and engineers from the constraints of convention and affordability to serve as a gauge for public interest in far out design aesthetics and expensive, new-fangled technology. The earliest experimental cars acted as a visual mission statement, a masterwork to which other designers and engineers should aspire. Some were so forward thinking that in one case, a technology introduced in a General Motors “Dream Car” proved to be 52 years ahead of its time.

Sloan Museum is home to five GM “Dream Cars”, each of which represents new levels of ingenuity and innovation. But for all they represent what was their practical application; were they merely an ephemeral styling exercise, or did they actually shape the landscape of automobile design?

The Buick Gallery’s new exhibit Proof of Concept not only features four of these legendary Dream Cars, but also the production models they inspired. Some, like the 1953 Buick Skylark, sprang near-fully formed from their four-wheeled ancestor, while others carry their heritage in more subtle ways, with only a slight nod to an understated styling cue to tie them to their conceptual forebearers.

Proof of Concept will open Friday June 17th and runs through 2017. Sloan*Longway's Buick Automotive Gallery is open Friday Saturday and Sundays.

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