Play Area

Masks are required throughout your visit.

Explore an interactive gallery where kids can learn through pretend play. Play on the climber, explore the playhouse, shop for food in the grocery store, host a cookout at the play picnic table, and so much more. This outdoor-themed gallery is great for days when the weather forces you inside, but you still want to be active.

The play area has been carefully reconfigured to ensure social distancing. Four distinct sections create opportunities for kids to practice sharing and taking turns. The house area includes a grocery shopping experience, kitchen fun inside the house, and picnic tables for pretend dining. The playground area includes a climber, balance toys, and tactile puzzles. The young children's area includes mats, building toys, puzzles, and a reading nook. The Roll, Drop, Bounce exhibit teaches physics principles through hands-on play. The play area is located directly behind the Education Station, where museum educators present a different hands-on science activity every day.

Sloan Museum is nursing friendly. Mothers are welcome to nurse wherever they feel comfortable, and a mothers' room is available near the play area.

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