Local History Research

Sloan Museum Archives have moved inside Sloan Museum of Discovery and will reopen to the public in Summer 2022. Until then, we will take research requests and conduct research on behalf of researchers. Make a research request to get your local history questions answered!

The Sloan Museum Archives hold an extensive Flint and Genesee County, Michigan history collection. The archives include, but are not limited to, local cemetery and funeral home records, city directories, flyers, letters, photographs and postcards.

Make A Research Request


For research inquiries, please contact the Archivist at Collections@SloanLongway.org or (810) 237-3421. Emails are encouraged.

Flint Genealogical Society

Members of the Flint Genealogical Society are available to assist researchers with obituaries, cemetery records, and other genealogical research. You can contact volunteers with the Society at info@flintgenealogy.org. For more information on the various holdings of the FGS, please visit their website:
Flint Genealogical Society's Website
Flint Genealogical Society's Facebook Page

Visit the State of Michigan's Archive for more information on genealogical research in Michigan.

The Flint Journal Archive

Please note that this collection is not digitized and it does take time to locate information for requests, due to the size and breadth of the collection. We are unable to accommodate rush requests for this collection.

The Flint Journal Archive consists of:
Microfilm - The Flint Journal is available on microfilm from its inception to 2006, however, the index is available for 1963 to 1983 only. Due to a limited number of microfilm readers, appointments must be made to view the microfilm. Please note that our microfilm readers do not print. Microfilm researchers may also be interested in utilizing secondary copies of the Journal's microfilm available at the Flint Public Library.

Photographs - Typically ranging from the mid-1950s through the early 1990s, photographs are organized by name or subject. The same $10 per image fee applies for personal use only. Any online or publication permissions must be obtained through MLive.

Clippings - Archivists at The Flint Journal maintained clipping files on people and subjects. Collections staff is in the process of inventorying this material to make a searchable list available to researchers. These are clipped articles from printed editions of The Flint Journal with dates varying from the mid-1950s to mid-1990s.

Research Fees

The Sloan Museum Archives is pleased to provide many services for researchers to help share knowledge of the automotive industry and the history of Flint and Genesee County. The museum may opt to waive reproduction fees at its discretion, excepting licensing fees put in place by MLive Media Group. VIN documentation fees may be reduced but not waived by the museum.

Research Services
The Archives will conduct research of its collections on behalf of researchers who are unable to physically access the Reading Room. A charge of $15 per half hour of research will be levied for research conducted by staff. The fee will only be levied in research being conducted, not the search for collections that researchers may need. This charge will not cover reproduction fees.

Reproduction Services
Reproduction is a necessary aspect of research. Various fees apply depending on researcher needs. Due to copyright restrictions, the museum is unable to photocopy or scan complete manuals or booklets. Researchers must also be aware that the museum generally does not own the copyrights of its holdings.

$0.20 per photocopy or scan
$0.50 per color photocopy
$10 for 50+ copies and $15 per half hour of staff time
$10 for scanned copies to be placed on a CD

Flint Journal Archives
The same reproduction fees apply for the Flint Journal Archives. Researchers are not required to contact MLive Media Group for licensing unless they intend to publish the reproductions. Please contact license@mlive.com or (616) 222-2903 to discuss the licensing with MLive.

Buick VIN Documentation
No reproduction or research fees will be applied to VIN documentation requests.
Standard delivery: $75 for processing and delivery within 2-4 weeks
Expedited delivery: $90 for processing and delivery within 5 business days (dependent on staff availability)
Unavailability of staff for expedited delivery will automatically reduce the service to the standard delivery fee of $75 for delivery within 2-4 weeks.

Visiting the Archives

The archives are currently closed to the public and will reopen for in-person research in Spring 2022. When visiting the archives, please keep in mind:

  • Only paper, pencils, and laptop computers may be used for note taking. Scanners and cameras are not permitted.
  • Briefcases, pocketbooks, bags, and other personal items must be stored below the research tables and not accessed while archival materials are out. Cellphones must be set on silent mode; any calls must be taken out of the research room.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the research room.

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