Watch the Daily Dose of Science

Science activities you can do at home!

Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium’s educators and planetarium presenters are developing short, educational videos to inspire at-home learning. We’ll show you fun science activities you can do with common household items, and stargazing tips using the night sky renderings you’d normally see in the planetarium.

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General Information

Sloan Museum, Sloan Museum and Courtland Center, Longway Planetarium, and Hands-On Science (20 or more people)
- $4.50 per student / $5.00 per adult
- Teachers are admitted at no charge.
- Chaperones are not charged for Hands-On Science at Longway Planetarium.

Longway Planetarium's Changes Demonstration and Ice Cream Activity
- $5.00 per person
- Teachers are admitted at no charge.

Book more than one program and save!
Book a second or third program for the same day at Sloan Museum, Sloan Museum at Courtland Center, or Longway Planetarium for only $3.50 per student. You can mix and match programs between the institutions to make your trip twice as educational and twice as fun! This offer is not valid for Changes Demonstration.
To make a reservation, call 810-237-3409, weekdays between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
- Please request arrangements for special needs students when you make your reservation.
- Reservations for lunch spaces must be made at the same time as program reservations.

Reservation Policies
- Groups arriving more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled program will receive the next available timeslot.
- All programs have minimum admission charges.
- A fee will be charged to all groups that give less than 72 hours' notice of cancellation.
- All admission monies must be collected by the teacher prior to arrival. Any uncollected admissions will be charged the regular admission rate.
- All monies received must be by school-issued check, money order or cash. No personal checks, please.
- No refunds will be made for checks made in advance or mailed early.
- Due to material preparation costs, groups that arrive with less people than were reserved for will be charged for the original number of registrants.

No food or drink is provided. Reservations for lunch spaces must be made at the same time as program reservations.

Longway Planetarium
There is limited space available for groups to eat lunch on tables located in the lobby.

Sloan Museum at Courtland Center Mall
The use of our cafe space is FREE for students who have scheduled programs at Sloan Museum at Courtland Center. Capacity is limited.
Program Times
- Programs last 45-60 minutes unless otherwise stated.

- Teachers and chaperones are asked to supervise students at all times.
- Please request that chaperones not bring siblings or additional children.

Bus Loading
- No parking is allowed in the drop-off areas.
- Buses may load and unload at the front entrance of Longway Planetarium.
- At Sloan Museum at Courtland Center, buses may load and unload at Entry A on Court Street, next to El Cozumel Mexican Grill.

Museum and Planetarium Stores
- We invite all student groups to shop at the end of their visit. We offer many affordable items that bring home the learning experience of our institutions.
While visiting Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum, take the opportunity to visit one of the other institutions on the Flint Cultural Center campus. For reservations, please call:

Applewood Estate 810-396-3112
Flint Institute of Arts 810-234-1695
Flint Institute of Music 810-238-1350
Flint Repertory Theatre(Flint Youth Theatre) 810-237-1530
The Whiting 810-237-7342
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