VIRTUAL First Friday: Treasures of Orion

Join us on Facebook Live for First Friday! Mike Close will present Treasures of Orion. Orion is the nearest stellar nursery to Earth and gives us a fantastic view of the lifecycle of stars. Mike will give us an in-depth view of the objects in the Orion region, and examine the stellar lifecycle that plays out in the area.

The constellation Orion the Hunter is one of the brightest and most recognizable constellations in the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere. Orion features in the myths and legends of many cultures; some predating Greco-Roman times. The region of space defined by Orion is blanketed by the Orion Molecular Cloud and is a treasure trove of astronomical objects like the Great Nebula in Orion, the Horsehead Nebula, and the mysterious red hypergiant star Betelgeuse.

Guest Speaker: Mike Close
Date: Friday, April 3
Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Location: Facebook Live

First Fridays at Longway Planetarium are funded in part by the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage. Your tax dollars are at work.