Sloan Museum of Discovery and Longway Planetarium host events in a variety of spaces. The Special Events department strives to provide an amazing and affordable space where the community, individuals, and organizations can gather to celebrate, educate and have fun.

Events may include corporate events, annual company meetings, luncheons, dinners, award ceremonies, open houses, lectures, symposia, wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, anniversaries, showers, and more!

For more information or to book your event, please contact the Special Events Office at 810.237.3427 or send us an email.

Spaces That Can Accommodate Catered Food & Drink

Sloan Museum of Discovery Café

The perfect place for a plated dinner or celebration, this space can host up to 200 guests, while giving a picturesque view of the Durant Plaza. Bar service is available for events if booked along with this space.

Sloan Museum of Discovery Lobby

Whether you need a little more space with our café or just want a good view with a smaller group, the Sloan Museum of Discovery’s lobby can be utilized for smaller events of approximately 50 with the same benefits of the Sloan Museum of Discovery Café space.

Sloan Museum of Discovery
Multi-Purpose Room

For events that require more privacy, the Sloan Museum of Discovery’s Multi-Purpose Room gives you the space for either meeting with colleagues or celebrate with friends and family, providing space for approximately 50 guests.

Sloan Museum of Discovery
Outdoor Patio

In warmer months, feel free to have your events on the outdoor patio of the Sloan Museum of Discovery Café, located in the heart of the Flint Cultural Center Campus. No reservations available, use on first come first serve basis.

Longway Planetarium Classrooms

Smaller birthdays, business workshops and off-site company meetings that want a more engaging space, our Longway Classrooms offer access to the resources and entertainment of the planetarium, while giving your group the privacy to host uninterrupted, providing spacing for approximately 40 with classroom/meeting features.

Longway Planetarium Lobby

The Longway Planetarium lobby is available for catered events after hours, giving you and your guests the room to enjoy a meal in our out-of-this-world space themed lobby with the option to add a show in the Longway Planetarium Theater for an additional fee (maximum seating up to 100).

Spaces That Cannot Accommodate Outside Food and Drink

Sloan Museum of Discovery
Young Childhood Gallery

For the young and youthful at heart, the Sloan Museum of Discovery’s Hagerman Street will give you a hands-on approach to science and technology, while keeping people of all ages engaged in learning and fun. Additional fees apply for after hours events.

Sloan Museum of Discovery
General History Gallery

Take a stroll down memory lane as you tour through the history of the local area from Michigan’s start to present day. Additional fees apply for after hours events.

Sloan Museum of Discovery
Traveling Exhibit Hall

In addition to any of the spaces available, finish off your event by allowing you and your guests to take a tour through our hosted exhibit after hours, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy our unique selection of traveling exhibits.

Longway Planetarium Theater

For larger presentations and meetings, our Longway Planetarium theater can captivate your attendees’ attention with Michigan’s largest planetarium dome, 5.1 studio surround sound and access to Longway Planetarium’s library of programs.

Get started by contacting our Special Events Office at 810.237.3427 or send us an email!

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