Whether you’re teaching remotely or in the classroom, we can virtually present interactive science and social studies content to your kids. Activity kits include all the materials for fun, hands-on exploration that aligns with state standards.

To make a reservation, call 810-237-3409

Virtual Field Trips for Classroom Learning
Programs marked with a gold star are available as virtual experiences for in-person learners in their classrooms.
Let us deliver hands-on learning to your classroom with our in-school programs. These activities have been optimized to deliver engaging learning experiences right in your school. No need to stick to just one grade or subject; we can bring a variety of classes directly to you! We’ll provide activity kits and Zoom into your classroom to guide your students through hands-on activities.

Virtual Field Trips for Remote Learning
Programs marked with a green circle are available as virtual at-home experiences for remote learners.
We’ll use virtual tools to bring the excitement of STEM and history to your students. See demonstrations, explore phenomena, and discover the past through interactive programs. We will provide activity kits, and teachers are responsible for ensuring each student receives their kit by the scheduled program date.

• Programs last one hour.
• $175 per class, $600 for four classes on the same day.
• Activity kits will be dropped off or mailed to the school for the students.
• Serves individual classes of 35 students or less.
• A minimum of one teacher from your school will be required to assist in presenting the activities.

To make a reservation, call 810-237-3409, weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Please request arrangements for special needs students when you make your reservation.
All program fees must be paid in advance. All monies received must be by school-issued check, money order or cash. No personal checks, please.

History & Social Studies Virtual Field Trips

Browse History & Social Studies programs for grades K-5.

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Hands-On Science Virtual Field Trips

Browse Hands-on Science programs for grades Pre-K-6

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Storybook STEM Virtual Field Trips

Browse hands-on, literacy-based programs for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

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Space & Science Shows

Book your field trip to Michigan's largest planetarium! Our high quality shows are designed to inspire a lifelong interest in astronomy.

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Plan Your Field Trip!

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Use the 2022-2023 Education Guide to plan your field trip or outreach program.
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Kindergarten Storybook STEM
History & Social Studies at Sloan Museum
Hands-on Science at Longway Planetarium
Planetarium Theater Shows
Portable Dome Theater

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