Greater Flint COVID-19 Community Scrapbook

The Greater Flint community is living through a difficult moment in history, and our stories need to be documented. Sloan Museum is preserving our community’s stories today, so that people in the future can understand what we experienced and how we coped during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Your story is an important part of our community's history. We hope you will record your thoughts, emotions, and experiences during the pandemic and share your stories with us. Please submit your journals, art, videos, and photographs.



Share your COVID-19 story

Here are just a few ways you can document your experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Photographs or videos of unusual scenes or events caused by the pandemic
- Empty store shelves or parking lots
- Social distancing measures
- Closed businesses
- Changes at your place of work
• Photographs or videos of how your family has coped
- Kids learning from home
- Adults working from home
- Games or activities your family has done while in quarantine
- Photos of family members wearing protective gear such as masks
- Photos of ways you’ve kept in touch with friends and family
• Artwork created by you or a family member about the pandemic.
• Stories of what your life has been like during the pandemic.Our COVID-19 Community Stories webform includes writing prompts that can help you tell your COVID-19 story. Feel free to only respond to the prompts that speak to you, or just tell your story in your own way.
• Keep an ongoing journal of your life during the pandemic. We encourage you to start now and submit the journal as a Word or PDF file when you’re finished.

Children are encouraged to participate with the help of their parents or guardians.
Any photographs of easily recognizable people should be limited to immediate family and friends.


We’re here when you’re ready

We understand that the events of 2020 may be too raw to document until time has passed. You may need distance from the situation and time to reflect on events before adding your voice to the story. Rest assured that we’ll be here when you’re ready to share.

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