#SL_DailyDose: Science activities you can do at home

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Keep connecting and learning with us on social media! Our educators have produced over 50 videos presenting hands-on science activities and backyard astronomy tips you can try at home. You can find all of our content on Facebook.

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First Friday: Astronomy 101


Backyard Astronomy: Lunar Maria


Build A Bridge Challenge


Astronomy Activity: Spectroscopy


Baking Soda & Vinegar Activities


Things That Fly Activity


How do we know what our Sun is made of?


Sun Shadows Activity


Color Spinner

Download the pattern and print or trace to make your own color spinner.


Star Stories: Callisto and Arcus


Shadow Challenge


Astronomy Brain Teaser: Coriolis Effect


Math Activities


Landforms Activity


Astronomy Brain Teaser: Circumference of the Earth


Balloon Racer Activity


Sink or Float Experiments


Backyard Astronomy: Comet Atlas


Melting Point Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Orion's Belt


Soap Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Hyades Star Cluster


Fun with Static Electricity!


Backyard Astronomy: Lunar Phases


Transparent-Translucent-Opaque Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Bootes and Corona Borealis


Things That Roll Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Leo and Arcturus


CO2-Powered Bottle Boat Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Polaris


Water Cycle Experiment


Backyard Astronomy: Winter Circle


Density Experiments


Backyard Astronomy: Venus and Pleiades


Walking Rainbow Experiment


Pepper Experiment


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