The Unsinkable Sinks: Leadership Lessons from the Titanic

She was the ship of dreams that became the vessel of nightmares. Among the many mysteries of the Titanic‘s demise is the perpetual question, “Why did she sink?” The most obvious answer is because of an ominous iceberg; the less visible response is because of poor leadership in ship design and collision evacuation. Professor Timothy Pies explores the Titanic’s leadership flaws while providing lessons for today’s leaders whose most demanding task, say many authorities, is responding to a proliferation of natural disasters and man-made tragedies.

Fee includes admission to visit Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition the evening of the lecture.  Advance registration required.  Order online now or call 810-237-3409.

Guest Speaker: Timothy Pies, PhD, Concordia University
Date:  Thursday, April 27, 2017
Time:  7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:00 PM)
Location:  Sloan Museum
Fee: Adults $10, Seniors (60+) $9.
Members: Adults $9, Seniors (60+) $8. Ages:  Adults (ages 12+)