1913 Chevrolet Classic Six

Following his removal from GM in 1910, Billy Durant hired famed Buick racer Louis Chevrolet to design a low priced car to compete with Ford's Model T. Chevrolet, however, had other ideas about the car that would bear his name. He designed the large, expensive Classic Six.

Chevrolet Motor Company moved production to Flint in August 1913, having started in Detroit and quickly recognizing a need for more space. This Classic Six was built shortly after the move to Flint. Featuring the body number "323" and the imprint "Chevrolet - Flint," this Classic Six is the oldest surviving Chevrolet in the United States, second only to the unrestored original at the Reynolds- Alberta Museum in Canada.

Since 1965, this Classic Six has been a gem in the Sloan*Longway Collection. As an important product of Flint's history, Louis Chevrolet's design set a precedent for quality in the industry. The Classic Six used left-hand drive, electric lighting, fuel gauge, and even included a lamp to illuminate the speedometer, a most unusual feature for the time.


Year: 1913
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Series C Classic Six
Weight: 3,500 lbs
Wheelbase: 120"
Engine: 299 Cubic inches
Horsepower: 40
Units Produced: 2,999
Price: $2,150

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