1910 Buick Model 16 Toy Tonneau

Buick introduced the Model 16 in 1909 in a Roadster and Tourabout body. In 1910, the line expanded to include a Toy Tonneau body and the Tourabout name was replaced with Surrey. The name "Toy Tonneau" refers to the rear passenger compartment of the automobile, which is not integrated into the body of the car and can be removed.
The 1910 Model 16 featured a 318 cubic inch engine, a 112-inch wheelbase, selective sliding gear 3-speed transmission and a cone clutch. Combined production of the three body styles totaled 2,252. All three styles sold for $1,750 and included kerosene and gas lights, horn and repair kit.


Wheelbase: "
Units Produced:
Price: $

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