1910 Buick Bug

The 60 Special, or "Bug," was built by the Buick racing team. It featured a radical-for-the-time nose cone. The true purpose of the nose cone was more for looks than for aerodynamics. The car featured one serious design flaw: it was too narrow to handle in the corners and tended to tip, requiring the driver to slow down. The four-cylinder 622 cubic-inch engine prove formidable on straight tracks reaching speeds of 110 m.p.h.

Buick built only two Bugs, one for Louis Chevrolet and the other for Bob Burman. It is believed that this is the Bug driven by Burman. The fate of Chevrolet's Bug is not known.


Year: 1910
Make: Buick
Model: 60 Special, or the Bug
Wheelbase: 102.5"
Engine: four cylinder, 622 cubic inch
Horsepower: 57.6
Units Produced: 2

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