1904 Buick Reconstruction

Reproduced for the Sloan Museum, this 1904 Buick was part of the Sloan Museum's 1904-1905 Project in 1976. No original 1904 production Buicks are known to exist. Spearheaded by Associate Director Jim Johnson, staff and volunteers were able to collect detailed information on how the original '04 was produced and recreate the model previously lost to time. While most of this vehicle is reproduction, it is powered by an original 1904 Buick engine.

Today the 1904 looks as it did on its famous test run, July 9, 1904. On that date, Walter Marr and Thomas Buick (son of the company's founder, David Dunbar Buick) left Flint for Detroit to test their new automobile. In Detroit, they purchased a license for the car and returned to Flint three days later. On the return trip, they managed to average 30 miles per hour over the muddy roads.


Year: 1904
Make: Buick
Model: B
Wheelbase: 83"
Engine: two-cylinder
Horsepower: 15-21
Units Produced: 37
Price: $950

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