Summer Field Trips & Take Out Activities

Plan a summer outing for your group at Longway Planetarium, or let us bring hands-on science to you! The majority of our activities have been designed to travel directly to your group. We can even bring more than one activity to your site. These programs are intended for daycares, day camps, and other groups of 20 or more children.

Pricing: Activities At Longway Planetarium
Prices are $4 per student ($4.50 for Ice Cream Program) and $4.50 per adult. Book more than one activity for a discounted price of $3.50 per student, per activity ($4 for Ice Cream).

Pricing: Activities Delivered At Your Site
$150 per class or $550 for 4 classes on the same day at locations in Genesee County. For locations outside Genesee County, travel expenses will be charged in accordance with the current IRS standard mileage rate.

Reservations are required for all activities. Call 810-237-3409, weekdays 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. to book your activities.

More Information
All activities last one hour. Activities can be delivered to classes of 20-35 participants. A minimum of one adult from your location will be required to assist the Longway Planetarium Educator with the activities.

Longway Planetarium Hands-On Science Activities

Most activities available for summer field trip experiences and as take-out activities at your site.

Galactic Goo

Ages: 4-12

Chemistry at its finest and most fun! Investigate matter, molecules, and polymers while you make and take a bag of your very own goo.

Ice Cream

Ages: 4–12

**Not available as a take-out activity
A sweet way to investigate solids, liquids, and gases! Working in groups, students will practice their measuring skills using a variety of tools to mix up an ice cream base. Longway Educators will add liquid nitrogen, changing their liquid into solid ice cream. Each student gets some ice cream to taste.

Marker Robots

Ages: 8–12

Using markers, a battery, a motor, and a hot glue stick, students will build a simple robot that draws. Will it draw a circle? Dotted lines? You won’t know until you turn it on and let it go! Students will explore electrical circuits and the forces necessary to make their robots move.

Art in the Lab: Bubbles

Ages: 4–12

Blow bubbles on a tray using a variety of bubble tools and make observations about shape and color. Then use chalk pastels to create your own bubble to take with you.

Art in the Lab: Space Art

Ages: 4–12

Use science to make works of art to take home! Blend watercolors to create a beautiful background for a star while reading the story How to Catch a Star. Use chromatography to make colorful planets.

Summer Field Trips to Longway Planetarium Shows

Summer Show Schedule: June 18-August 31, 2018

Additional morning show times are available upon request for groups of 20 or more. Pricing for groups of 20 or more is $4 per student and $4.50 per adult.

Accidental Astronauts

Daily at 12 p.m.

Follow the adventures of Sy, Annie, and their dog Armstrong as they embark on an unexpected journey into space! Explore the Earth, Sun and Moon system with a wise-cracking starship computer. Follow an asteroid as it crashes into the Moon and bounce along the lunar surface. Get up close and personal with a solar storm, and gain a new appreciation of our home planet. Recommended for ages 3-8. 45 minutes.

Space School

Daily at 1 p.m.

Dive into the underwater world of outer space! Plunge into microgravity simulation in the world’s most high-tech swimming pool, where astronauts practice repairing the International Space Station. Explore an extreme underwater training habitat as you discover how astronauts test equipment, conduct experiments, and live in isolation to prepare for space. Recommended for ages 8 and older. 45 minutes.

Skies Over Michigan

Daily at 3 p.m.

In this live program, students will explore the night sky. Topics include: rotation of Earth for day and night, finding the North Star and finding your way around the night sky, what a constellation is and which are visible in the current night sky. Also discussed will be Moon phases, daily and monthly motion of the Moon through the sky; visible planets and their movement among the stars. Recommended for ages 6 and older. 60 minutes.

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