Space School

Space School

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1 p.m. Saturday & Sunday
Now through June 17
Summer schedule: June 18-August 31, 1 p.m. Daily

Space School is the incredible story of how astronauts train underwater to live and work in space. Watch astronauts plunge into microgravity simulation in the world’s most high-tech swimming pool, where they practice repairing the International Space Station. Explore an extreme underwater training habitat as you discover how astronauts test equipment, conduct experiments, and live in isolation to prepare for space.

Once a show has started, there will be no late seating. Please arrive before the show begins.

Visuals - 4k

Surround Sound - 5.1

Developer - Sky-Scan

Make it a full day of discovery with Be The Astronaut, a new exhibit at Sloan Museum! Blast off in your own space capsule and discover the future of space exploration! Come aboard Starship Sloan, explore interactive navigation and technology stations, and get ready to pilot your own missions. Videogame interfaces and hands-on command centers allow YOU to become the engineers and astronauts that make space flight possible. Be The Astronaut is a traveling exhibit by Eureka Exhibits.
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