Portable Dome Shows

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In My Backyard
Grades Pre-K – 2

Using songs and stories, Fred Penner and his assistant Arnie the Arrow take us along as they explore their backyard. Learn about bugs and rainbows and things you might find in your own backyard. Then as night slowly falls, we learn about the stars and the planets. This engaging program is perfect for young scientists. (40 minutes)


The Zula Patrol: Down To Earth
Grades 1 – 4

While on a routine fossil-hunting expedition, The Zula Patrol turns up evidence that the villainous Deliria Delight has been travelling back in time to Earth’s prehistoric past to illegally dump her company’s toxic trash. The Zula Patrollers must find and catch her, before her actions cause catastrophic consequences. In the process, our heroes learn all about the formation and development of Earth, and the life forms who call it home. (25 minutes – includes Star Talk) GLCE: L.OL.E.1, L.OL.E.2, L.OL.E.3, L.EC.E.2, E.SE.E.2, E.ES.E.4, E.ES.E.5, E.ST.E.1, P.PM.E.1


Secret of the Cardboard Rocket
Grades 1 – 4

Our most popular children’s show has been remade for the full dome environment. Embark on an awesome adventure as two children spend a night touring the Solar System alongside their ship’s navigator, a talking astronomy book. Produced with modern digital animation and spectacular audio effects created at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. (50 minutes – includes Star Talk) GLCE: E.ST.04.12, E.ST.04.22, E.ST.04.23, E.ST.04.24, E.ST.04.25


Perfect Little Planet
Grades 4 – 6

Imagine the ultimate space vacation! What if you could travel the galaxy to find that ideal place? Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive over the ice cliffs of Miranda. Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms at Jupiter. And walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? This is the Solar System journey for space travelers of all ages. (45 minutes – includes Star Talk) GLCE: E.ST.04.12, E.ST.04.22, E.ST.04.23, E.ST.04.24, E.ST.04.25


The Skies of Michigan Tonight
Grades 4 & up

In this live program, students will learn about observing Michigan’s night sky. Topics include: rotation of Earth for day and night; finding the North Star and finding your way around the night sky; what a constellation is and which are visible in the current night sky. Moon phases, daily and monthly motion of the Moon through the sky; visible planets and their movement among the stars will also be discussed. (40 minutes) GLCE: E.ST.04.11, E.ST.04.12, E.ST.04.21, E.ST.04.22, E.ST.04.23, E.ST.04.24, E.ST.04.25, E.ST.05.62, E.ST.05.21, E.ST.05.22, E.ST.05.23


Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescope
Grades 4 & up

While attending a local star party, two students learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Their conversation with an astronomer enlightens them on the history of the telescope and the discoveries these wonderful tools have made. (45 minutes – includes Star Talk) GLCE: S.IP.M.1, S.IA.M.1, S.RS.M.1, E.ST.05.11, E.ST.05.21


The Body Code
Grades 5 & up

Fly through the carotid artery; explore the eye, brain, ear, and heart. Then, shrink into a cell to see its nucleus and DNA within. Discover how DNA programs the body’s cells to form the circulatory and nervous systems. Then watch from inside as we use lasers to fight disease at the cellular level. (25 minutes) GLCE: L.OL.05.41, L.OL.05.42, L.OL.07.21, L.OL.07.22, L.OL.07.23, L.OL.07.24


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