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Tickets for shows are

  • $5 adults
  • $4 Seniors (60+)
  • $4 Youth age 2-11
  • Child (Under 1 ) - Free 
Due to the dark planetarium environment, these programs are not recommended for children under the age of 3. No late seating and no re-entry after show begins. Tickets go on sale one half hour before showtime.
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Roo Stars
November 1-23 Saturdays & Sundays at 12:30pm
Mondays, November 3, 10, and 17 at 12:30pm

Quite by accident, Opie Opossum finds himself in Australia, far from his home in North America. Reggie 'Roo and Patty Platypus do their best to get their new friend back to his family. Along the way, Opie discovers a night sky full of stars very different from the ones he usually sees. It's a planetarium show for the entire family. Recommended for ages 4-8.

Laser Laughs
November 1 – 23, Saturday & Sunday at 2:00pm
Laser Laughs is a hilarious show and has laser animation featuring music from Weird Al Yankovic, the Simpsons, Cookie Monster, Monty Python, and others. Songs include King Tut by Steve Martin, Time Warp by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fish Heads by Barnes and Barnes, and more! Suitable for all ages.

Are We Alone?
November 1 – 23, Saturday & Sunday at 3:30pm
For hundreds of years people have looked up to the stars and wondered if we are alone. Today we live in an unprecedented age of exploration of the Universe. Robots explore Mars, giant telescopes look for worlds around other stars, radio telescopes listen for tell-tale signs of life out there. Is there life on Mars? Is there life on one of the exo-planets? Are we alone? We are getting closer to the answer. Recommended for adults and children 10 and up.

Digital Amusement Park
Friday, November 28 at 12:00, 1:00 and 2:00pm
Join us for this internationally award winning special effects show where you will experience virtual reality type amusement park rides including a Ferris wheel, scrambler, and several roller coasters. Experience the thrill of speed and lights that take viewers on amusement park-like rides. General audiences of all ages. 

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