What Is Science Anyway?

Date: Friday, September 1
Time: 6:00-6:50 pm
Location: Longway Planetarium
Fee: Adult $6 / Child $4
Free for members
Includes 7:00 pm showing of Sea Monsters
The word science is heard daily in news cycles and used across the internet to lend legitimacy to a variety of points of view. But what exactly constitutes “science?" As children, many of us learned the mighty scientific method, but is that checklist really hung on every scientist's wall? Perhaps science is just enough data points to indicate a pattern that humans can recognize. Perhaps it is limited to statements that are considered falsifiable. The philosophy of science is far from stationary even today. During this talk, Planetarium Manager Buddy Stark will look out how the philosophy of scientific investigation has changed over time, from Aristotle to Sir Francis Bacon, and how we tend to understand it today.

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