Featured Exhibit Winter 2019

Rainforest Adventure Maze

January 19 - April 24, 2019

At Sloan Museum's Courtland Center Mall location
Grades 1-4 | 1 Hour (half hour in exhibit, half hour in station activities)
NGSS: 1-LS1.A, 2-LS2.A, 2-LS4.D, 3-LS3.A, 3-LS3.B, 4-LS1.A, 4-LS1.D
Swing like a spider monkey, leap like a frog! Students will explore the diversity of life in this rainforest ecosystem maze and then rotate through hands-on STEM based stations for make-and-take activities. Investigate food chains, needs of living things, and physical adaptations that help plants and animals survive in this very special environment.

Two interactive mazes—one big adventure!
Visitors to Sloan Museum at Courtland Center can explore the rainforest in two interactive mazes, Rainforest Adventure and Tropical Odyssey.

Rainforest Adventure
Explore the dense layers of the rainforest, meet its diverse inhabitants, and learn our place in its story.
Visitors experiment with physical and mental challenges as they descend through the four layers of the rainforest. By the time visitors reach the forest floor, they are better equipped with an understanding of how humans impact this diverse yet fragile forest, and how they can make a difference.

Tropical Odyssey
Tropical Odyssey tells the story of sustainable butterfly farming in the rainforest.
Follow the lifecycle of a butterfly as you immerse yourself in the story of sustainable butterfly farming in the rainforest. Discover sustainable and unsustainable rainforest practices, rescue caterpillars from predators, help feed them, play Pupa Pick-N-Pack, and zipslide through the rainforest canopy.

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