Featured Exhibit: Be The Astronaut

Be The Astronaut Field Trips

January 20-May 13, 2018

Give your students engaging experiences that inspire a lifelong interest in science and social studies at Sloan Museum in Flint. Our newest exhibit, Be The Astronaut, introduces students to the concepts, challenges, and excitement of spaceflight. This videogame-based experience was developed by Eureka Exhibits in consultation with NASA's Langley Research Facility. Scientifically verified by NASA experts for accuracy and feasibility, this exhibit is perfect for students in 3rd-8th grades. Complete your visit with hands-on science and social studies activities, all designed to meet NGSS and GLCS standards.

Imagine that humans have established a permanent base on the Moon, and are exploring Mars, Ceres (in the asteroid belt) and Jupiter. Be The Astronaut uses this story framework to teach about STEM concepts used in all spaceflight. Students apply that knowledge as they fly spaceships, pilot landers, and drive rovers in a thrilling narrative adventure. Students will explore interactive navigation and technology stations, and pilot their own space capsules.

Be The Astronaut Educator's Guide

Developed by Eureka Exhibits

Download the Be The Astronaut Educator's Guide, created by Eureka Exhibits, to discover how you can prepare your students to get the most out of this exhibit.

At the back of this guide, you will find lesson plans and activities created by NASA and selected for their relationship to the content and experiences presented in the exhibit. These can be used to prepare students for field trips to Be The Astronaut, and to reinforce concepts taught in the exhibit. Sloan Museum also offers a wide variety of hands-on science and social studies activities to complement your experience with Be The Astronaut.

Mission Cycles

To complete a mission, students will cycle through 3 stations. Astronaut ID cards will track their progress through their missions.

1. NAV Station NAV is short for Navigation. This is the mission planning stage! Complete this station first to plan your mission. Touch screen stations will teach basic concepts about space flight, orbits, and space travel. Missions vary in complexity and difficulty, from simple (rover missions) to more challenging (lander missions take practice). Choose the mission for you based on your interests and preferred skill level.

2. SCI Station SCI is short for Science and Technology. Great for younger visitors, this station introduces you to the technology you’ll need to use on your mission. Complete the touch screen puzzles to learn about the spacecraft, tools, and science principles used in your mission.

3. FLY Station Fly in your own space capsule! In this 3D experience, you will pilot the various spacecraft to your chosen destination using lessons from the NAV and SCI stations. Challenge level varies from mission to mission.

Videogames As Powerful Learning Tools

The medium of the videogame, as exemplified here by the system of games and simulations that make up the core of the Be The Astronaut exhibit, speaks powerfully to children and adults. The reason videogames are so compelling is precisely because they are a fun way to learn. In most videogames, the learning is trivial: How many coins do you need for an extra life? How far does this laser rifle shoot? But in Be The Astronaut, the learning is real and integral to gameplay. The best games balance the possibility of failing with the reward of achievement and the satisfaction of success.

To maximize enjoyment and learning, students should:
• Listen to the virtual crew.
• Read all information.
• Watch out for indicators to adjust controls during the mission.

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