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Fall Exhibit: Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog

September 16-December 30, 2017
Sponsored locally by Hurley Children's Hospital
Climb aboard the ferry and listen to seagulls as you approach Birdwell Island. Encounter a colossal nine-foot tall Clifford and slide down his tail. Children can work together to fill Clifford’s big dog bowl, and gain self-confidence on stage with Clifford and his pals. Explore T-Bone's beach, find buried treasure, and build a sandcastle. Start a dance party and play instruments in the Musical Marina. Crawl through the tunnel in Cleo’s Backyard and try shape-sorting and matching activities.

These paws-on adventures introduce “Clifford’s Big Ideas,” ten simple life lessons that support children's growing understanding of how the actions they choose make a difference to themselves and others. Clifford’s Big Ideas include: Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be Kind, Believe In Yourself, Be A Good Friend, and Help Others.

Adventures with Clifford The Big Red Dog was created by Minnesota Children's Museum together with Scholastic Entertainment. (c) 2017 Scholastic Entertainment Inc. SCHOLASTIC and logos are trademarks of Scholastic Inc. CLIFFORD, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, BE BIG and logos are trademarks of Norman Bridwell. All rights reserved.

All Clifford programs include a half hour of instructional time and a half hour for exploration in the exhibit.
Mathematical Mystery Bottles
Grades Pre-K & K
Listen to the story Count on Clifford, and then scoop, measure, and pour while making a mathematical mystery bottle to take home. Add objects and number beads to the mystery bottle for more counting and number fun!

Race to 20 Game
Grades Pre-K & K
Kids will make their own Clifford-themed “Race to 20” game to take home. Kids will roll dice to move their clothespin playing piece along a number line to see who gets to 20 first.

Sifting and Sorting
Grades Pre-K & K
Use sifters, magnets, and other tools to find treasures buried in the sand. Kids will sort the treasures by color, size, and texture.

Windy Weather
Grades Pre-K-1
Listen to the story Clifford and the Big Storm, then build a kite to fly while exploring how the wind makes things move.

Winter Exhibit: Be The Astronaut

January 20-May 13, 2018
Blast off in your own space capsule and explore space and the future of space exploration! Embark on a thrilling adventure orbiting Earth, the Moon, Mars, Ceres, and Jupiter. Videogame-style simulations allow YOU to become the engineers and astronauts that make space flight possible. Experience the challenge and exhilaration of spaceflight as virtual crew members guide you through interactive missions—flying spaceships, piloting landers, and driving rovers.

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