Hands-On Family Nights

STEM & Social Studies

Get families excited about exploring science, technology, engineering, math, and social studies together! Book your own evening of hands-on learning—perfect events for Parent Teacher Associations and community organizations. Mix and match science and social studies activities. Choose from one of our STEM themes or customize your own experience by selecting from our collection of station activities. Our educators will work with you to identify activities that meet your school’s needs. All activities support NGSS and GLCEs and are appropriate for students in Kindergarten-6th grades. Host your Family Night event at your school OR enjoy an evening at Longway Planetarium or Sloan Museum.

Events at Longway Planetarium or Sloan Museum

$400 for 4 stations, and $50 for each additional station. Choose a
planetarium show as one of your stations if your event is held at the planetarium!

Events at your school

$500 for 4 stations, and $50 for each additional station. Schools located outside Genesee County will be charged mileage at the current IRS rate. Hands-On STEM & Social Studies events serve a maximum of 200 people. Sloan Museum & Longway Planetarium will provide all supplies and materials. Schools must provide volunteers to work as station helpers. For school visits, museum educators will need tables and access to water and electrical outlets.

Call (810) 237-3409 to book your program!

Use the 2017-2018 Education Guide to plan your field trip or outreach program
Download the Interactive Brochure or PDF

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Hands-On STEM and Social Studies Family Nights

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